Profit - The Terminal

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6:36 PM December 8, 2011 adash said:

9th wonder did the thing on this joint
4:08 PM November 11, 2011 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

Now you KNOW shyt produced by 9th Wonder gone be fyre. Instant DL.
12:34 PM November 9, 2011 boymills said:

can definitely tell curren$y is in his playlist haha...but good tape homie and u got 9th wonder productions>>>>>
8:47 AM November 7, 2011 retrovillain said:

Nggaz lyin on the track like they got they back lyin on the railroad ; 9th wonder on the beats! Fire!
11:32 PM November 6, 2011 Primetime9 said:

listened to this through, these are classic 9th wonder beats and he is pretty good i see how ppl are comparing him to currency but hes not trying to thats just his sound
3:17 PM November 6, 2011 SlouRunner said:

Nice ****. Keep it up !!
8:57 PM November 5, 2011 daneptunesv1 said:

he did his thing on this mixtape, he got a lil curren$y but its still nice
3:50 PM November 5, 2011 j13 said:

"iThink im testin my pockets cuz im always crammin em." Ok Profit, iSee U Fool. #Hot****