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6:35 PM February 10, 2014 SergioAC said:

Always has 5 star bars on every song. Pick any song from any project and look lyric to lyric.
6:34 PM February 10, 2014 SergioAC said:

This has been my favorite rapper since before I graduated HS which was 07. In my top 3 of ALL TIME! If Nick has ever disappointed me, I cant recall it.
10:46 AM January 24, 2013 Elijahg34 via Mobile:

Yo Nickelus I thought that was it after Yellow Gold (which was great). But I just happen to come to LiveMixtapes & see your name. Aye keep doing what you're doing, cuz you do it well.
9:37 PM November 26, 2012 breeze257 said:

i remember this cat from freestyle friday.. i recorded his battle.. bout 2 dig it out the crate
3:28 PM February 14, 2012 mechov62 said:

He Underrated.
1:53 AM November 22, 2011 markymark91 said:

he on point. thats all i got
reminds me of cyhi a lil he got more energy tho.
10:22 PM November 16, 2011 FUCCDAWG60 said:

this **** nice
3:26 PM November 16, 2011 tonytonytony said: