Yung Berg - Reality Check

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1:12 PM May 28, 2013 jordan_kid23 said:

I been listening to berg for a while, its too many haters in this upside down *** world
5:52 AM January 3, 2013 Luvington via Mobile:

Berg music always gets better and it's been like that! Niggaz got hate in they blood
5:17 PM January 30, 2012 knightbeast said:

@knightchild: knightbeast agreeing wit ya 4 100. Niggaz wanna be in the herd, can think 4 themselves, but dont, yappin them lipz, hatin on a nigga, talkin bull ****.
8:39 AM December 9, 2011 frenchmontanas said:

dope **** he talks about 2pac and biggie in a song berg very talent MR ***y can I
3:18 PM December 3, 2011 jstar_123 said:

yung berg ggoing hard af everyone vote up atleast twice
11:11 PM November 28, 2011 chris8123 said:

why yall like to be ****in haters hes 1 of the best rappers out
12:35 AM November 28, 2011 overwest said:

nigga's need to grow the **** up 4real
10:04 PM November 27, 2011 jstar_123 said:

yung berg is da best all yal haters go suck a ****