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Juicy J - Blue Dream & Lean

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Score: 9,998
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Uploaded 11/29/2011
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Drops Tuesday, Nov. 29th @ 7PM EST! | Spotted at MixFeed

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3:19 PM July 14, 2017 mallj2 via Mobile:

I fall off in the club, I'm like a walking pharmacy, if you ain't smoking what I'm smoking need to get the **** from me
5:45 PM May 23, 2017 lordpatch99 via Android App:

Sht still boomin fr Juicy J a f
4:24 PM March 10, 2017 chpboy81 via Mobile:

This **** rocked when i was in the 8th grade too. Still 🔥🔥
4:08 PM February 8, 2017 balllout1017 via iOS App:

I get so damn trippy in my mind I go blank
3:47 AM January 9, 2017 blackjohnnycage via Mobile:

Still Here!!
4:03 PM September 13, 2016 ypool43 said:

mixtape is classic, wish the beats were similar to 2pac's - On Me. still classic 5/5 A+
7:17 PM July 2, 2015 Truu2myself via Mobile:

Senior Year in HS me and friends would play this mixtape damn near everyday and get high
12:40 PM May 2, 2015 NoOneElse said:

You want deez racks ho pick that **** up off the flo