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9:43 PM November 12, 2013 xavien82 via Mobile:

Filmore slim
11:12 PM January 3, 2013 scalez1989 said:

Is it me or do his flow sound like Wiz Khalifa?
8:22 PM April 8, 2012 McFly973 said:

If u need "guess who" follow @fatmankey or google guess who by key. It's on his Le End mix tape. Google it. Le End
7:02 PM February 21, 2012 chatttown423 said:

I found it vvv
6:58 PM February 21, 2012 chatttown423 said:

Aight where is the track?
2:30 PM February 19, 2012 tldatruth via Mobile:

That "Guess Who" track is by Key!
1:30 PM February 13, 2012 kanyesouth said:

"guess who ****ed yo *****" where that track at???
6:32 PM February 12, 2012 chatttown423 said:

Heard this nigga at the A$SAP concert, i fuk wit a few of the tracks.
It was one song i dont see on here though. The ****in yo ***** track

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