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DJs: DJ Knyce
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8:16 PM January 27, 2013 taymonae via Mobile:

Love this whole mix tape! Cleveland music! Love you bam
11:44 PM January 18, 2012 estilez said:

8:03 PM November 26, 2011 tepane said:

this nigga hollywood as **** off this weak *** mixtape he been working on for 6 years get the **** outta here this nigga is a bum wearing homemade leather jackets and ****
8:09 AM November 24, 2011 Lilperry75 said:

**** Wat talking bout dis shyt raw af its for da girls shout out my big bra Bam Bam Lil pPhatty Banks
10:01 AM November 18, 2011 cod_92 said:

real nice...
5:36 AM November 18, 2011 firstladiez216 said:

mmmm okk i like 1 song.......... a lil bit
7:58 PM November 17, 2011 CJ_312 said:

This is not R&B if you actually listen to the mixtape like i wasted my time & did you would notice he says the same thing EVERY SONG!!!!! U SUCK!!!! GO READ A BOOK
1:58 PM November 17, 2011 D187DaMurdaMan said:

Cleveland Stand Up!!!
Be on the look out for D-187