Nesby Phips - The Lock Out

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4:36 AM December 27, 2013 rossm852 via Mobile:

Very smooth and easy to chill too! I respect and enjoy that.
1:29 PM November 25, 2011 poop92 said:

**** SLAPS
11:07 AM November 24, 2011 dominiqueashley said:

nesby kept making that not D-BOY BUT ME-BOY music ..........
jets 2 tha next
12:28 AM November 23, 2011 monterris said:

saw you at cats cradle man did ur thing big ups
7:01 PM November 22, 2011 k3ytolife said:

WOW im suprised Livemixtapes Put This on the INDY website it should of been on the main . Straight up !
6:34 PM November 22, 2011 knightchild said:

Nice lil mixtape right here, this a crisp listen, not to streesful on the ear as far as lyrics
12:52 AM November 21, 2011 calderone22 said:

i been ****in wit phips for a little while and that magic track been out for a min but its all good..this **** is fire
9:40 PM November 20, 2011 boymills said:

His productions are always crack but I jus can't vibe to his flow tho!