P.Watts - Element Of Surprise

South Carolina's own P. Watts hooks up with producer/DJ Burn One to shock the masses. Produced entirely by Burn One (except Later & Qualify) the tape also features stars such as Yelawolf, Big KRIT, Pill, Freddie Gibbs, Rittz & More.

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7:17 AM December 18, 2011 AcedaVillan said:

Dis nigga rite cha raw... South Carolina all day!
4:16 PM December 14, 2011 dukedaddy said:

Nigga P watts been goin ham, IMMA GROWN MAN FIND U SUMBODY TO PLAY WIT!!! dat **** jammin, sorry not on dis mixtape tho
9:09 PM December 9, 2011 Kfrizzle said:

god dam this **** goes hard who the **** is this guy? get your self out therr mang and youll take off, ****s stright fire
2:38 PM December 6, 2011 pooloc said:

i aint never heard of dis dude an i just listen 2 it man dis **** go hard.i had 2 hav it pimp
7:54 PM December 4, 2011 DJLPEEZYSC said:

This whole tape on slam track 8 da hardest
6:28 PM November 21, 2011 sevenseven0 said:

P.Watts & DJ BurnOne love this Southran Hip Hop music Sh*t the cd goes so Hard.
10:25 AM November 21, 2011 bigjay43lt said:

bigjay 43 ridgeway in dis *****...do yo thang P....SC stand up!
8:38 AM November 21, 2011 thug803 said:

803! Metro Sc

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