Da A$tronautz - The 90's

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3:22 AM April 13, 2014 marko3 said:

the beats and the lyrics are good just need better recording 8/10
12:04 AM December 6, 2011 cosign said:

Yo whats popn this CoMan 1/2 of da A$tronautz ...Thanks for the VOtes DLs and Listens... Follow the Band on twitter @daAstronautz
6:05 PM November 30, 2011 HarryKjell said:

Dem boyz breakin' em off with this one... My man Comane and D man Flywalker be killin in the game. ++++ em' up people!
9:37 AM November 23, 2011 knowledge90 said:

man i been waitn since the wine mixer for sum new **** i hope it delivers
8:19 PM November 22, 2011 Ninjashit101 said:

Cool... Quality could be better but lyrics and beats are on point
4:54 PM November 22, 2011 csnow30 said:

Im loving the beatz!
11:31 AM November 22, 2011 vote4astros via Mobile:

Why cats come to critique everything but the music now? On that hater wave.
11:28 AM November 22, 2011 JaE_MiXtApEz said:

Why are rappers putting $ in there names now? On Curren$y's wave.