Terrific Kush - The Kush Mix

Featured INDY Re-Release

Drops Dec. 5th!

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4:21 PM December 26, 2011 ballastatus1 said:

12:06 AM December 21, 2011 THENEWCHAMP said:

Lol why is there only 3 *****es and a room full of niggas in the video? And the song is about getting *****es -___- smh.
8:08 PM December 19, 2011 BOLEGG said:

nice tape...now go check out touchin basis----slamm----gone--->
12:42 PM December 16, 2011 zel18 said:

get em kushy jont crank
12:32 PM December 16, 2011 pimpgamepoint said:

this **** bumpin. this is a true ****in mix tape.. beat jackin.. a few originals... and the gritty sound.. **** wit ya kushy
12:25 PM December 16, 2011 fukumean said:

this **** go hard. niggas need to stop wit all that hat in ****.. t-kush you go in my nigga. pure pimpin
12:04 PM December 16, 2011 chirsmartin said:

uh oh i think i smell some haters... keep grindin kushy
9:46 AM December 16, 2011 melmarciana said:

niggas and their weed. geezeus