Paper Soldiers - Freedom Of Speech

DJs: DJ 864
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8:04 PM November 28, 2011 krdajuggman said:

2 stacks
1:35 PM November 26, 2011 wafflehousebirdflu said:

lol this aint even da real paper soldiers
8:33 PM November 25, 2011 nofleex17 said:

Ayeee im bout to go liiiiivvveeeeee!!! duhhhh S/O 2 my dawgs Kr, Syco, D-hall, da whole d.m.e/paper soldiers i fcks wit em signed NoFlexx!!!
8:15 PM November 25, 2011 SONOFAKING84 said:

@Ayo_There_Go_E if u dont like it dont listen to it! Go hard DME
8:04 PM November 25, 2011 krdajuggman said:

Ahhh shyt Tryna reach ah Stack today.... #DMEGANG
4:18 PM November 25, 2011 Ayo_There_Go_E said:

i swear i dont know y these artist always want to sound exactly like everyone else, the same old stuff gets boring, change it up
2:06 PM November 25, 2011 lrchampion said:

i****sz witcha yall niggas yu alredi kno who dis is -Cdennis signin ouh