Drey Skonie - M.A.R.S.

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8:51 PM December 28, 2011 mell850 said:

this was good
1:36 PM December 1, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

u stupid if u think gucci aint weird,he said it maybe u should pay attention,u right he is misunderstood,cuz he talks slurred from all the drugs.weird is good,so stop hatin.
10:45 PM November 29, 2011 shootie24 said:

Gucci aint weird. Jus a misunderstood nigga with Bi Polar, real talk. He go super hard on the mic.
1:24 PM November 29, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

lemonster u right tho,gucci weird but not like ymcmb
9:33 PM November 28, 2011 lEMONStER said:

@robsmith421: more like ymcmb, they the weird ones... they look like circus runaways.
3:30 PM November 28, 2011 Onlyhoneymack said:

Amazing!!! Deff going on my playlist!!!!
3:25 PM November 26, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

he look like he should be with gucci cartel,you know "the weirdos".i aint hatin im hellafied weird myself,ya dig.
1:03 PM November 26, 2011 Eclipse1212 via Mobile: