Ashton Travis - Good Vibes

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4:42 PM July 27, 2012 tdawgng81 said:

... middle name Travis, first name Ashton! This is the true meaning of underrated. Can't wait till he blows up.
11:22 AM December 5, 2011 neeko217 said:

WOW.....pure hip hop!!!!
5:33 PM December 4, 2011 theone1981 said:

this is a good quality mixtape! dude got something here...
10:08 PM December 3, 2011 freeport03 said:

this dude finally getting the recognition he deserves....i had this from when he first dropped it a while back....HOWARD UNIVERSITY STAND UP!!!!!!
11:39 PM November 30, 2011 taterpatty said:

smooth ****
12:27 AM November 30, 2011 crnlssutton said:

had 2 sign in jus 2 say DIS BOI DA TRUTH....tired of trap and rap music....time fa niggas like him an lupe 2 put sum knowledge bak out dere...gud ****
8:55 PM November 29, 2011 KoMPLiC8eDL said:

Similar To My Music....Well Done..Grinding Is Essential to Success (KoMPLiC8eD)
5:48 PM November 29, 2011 BigMikeJrSon said:

this is a good mixtape Keep doin yo thang bruh