Matt Reeves - 4 The Love Of Hip Hop

Spotted At DJ Booth

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9:21 PM March 2, 2012 MellowGotFlow said:

Chicago in here 773 stay up Matt
10:00 AM December 1, 2011 050thugz said:

This Man Is A Str8 Up Genius Doesnt Happen Often That A Indy Artsist That I Didnt Know Suprises Me So Much In A Good Way Matt Reeves I Will Rememberin' The Name!!!! Probz 2 Him!!!!!
9:01 AM December 1, 2011 DSGenius said:

I really respect you! I love track #1 and 2. You're the kind of rapper that I wish the mainstream liked so you could educate. Keep doing what you doin!