Tank - Diary Of A Mad Man

Spotted At DJ Booth
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5:15 PM June 19, 2014 1stklass112 said:

votes up
2:37 AM June 7, 2013 gmas said:

I feel this ni#ga.music for the *****es.
4:46 PM May 7, 2013 1stklass112 said:

this **** is hard as a mutha****a
10:29 AM July 10, 2012 dannigurlsworld24 said:

I Absolutely Love This Mixtape!!!!!!!!!! Keep Making Great Music, U Got Fans & Loyal Supporters!!!!!!!!!!
6:37 PM June 3, 2012 cmfitts via Mobile:

I luv tank he is very under rated .... Keep pushin tank u got my support
7:09 AM May 31, 2012 meca08 said:

this right here right here go to hard
5:36 AM May 24, 2012 Jizzle616 said:

I'm feeling it! I llike Tank's music always get laid off his ****! Keep them coming Big Homie.
3:41 PM March 22, 2012 nook2135 via Mobile:

Sleep when you dead party while you still alive shake the world as they fly to hung kong Hate wasn't a worry cause what is done its done but gone predict its self as man redeem its self.