Aleon Craft & George Clinton - Mothership, The Decatur Connection

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10:38 PM December 28, 2011 Slimcutter07 said:

Eastside Stand Up...brah goin in
9:56 AM December 24, 2011 intelligentthug87 said:

Man these beats are the pioneers of greatness YALL young niggas can't appreciate good music when u hear it
12:50 AM December 24, 2011 Rebirth091 said:

the mixtape cover looks weird and sound weird. wtf?
6:49 PM December 23, 2011 Weathab said:

Dis dude wuz fie wit da Backwudz back in like 05" he changed his name he use to be "Big Marc" dis **** fie tho sound like dat 94' Goodie Mo ****.
10:23 PM December 21, 2011 YACKIM said:

im sooo feeling this , its some O.G MUSIC LOVE IT PLUS GEORGE CLINTON WHAT CAN I SAY
4:09 AM December 21, 2011 rns1980 said:

This take real as nigga back to the first snoop or first outlast. As a real rap fan I appreciate this ****.
12:54 AM December 21, 2011 loolie via Mobile:

#Dis **** shouldn't made livemixtapes roster HaHa!
11:23 PM December 20, 2011 purpkushblowa said:

im hatin hoeass spice t some lames aint even on a half