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French Montana - Jacking For Beats

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Uploaded 12/05/2011
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12:38 PM April 9, 2013 CudiBudi said:

3:42 PM March 7, 2012 dablockishot said:

obviously this a tape wit all his **** on other beats so dont complain if the ****s old or not, fukkin heads
6:34 PM December 25, 2011 frenchmontanas said:

this was **** too much old stuff on it only that OG track is pretty damn hard
1:10 PM December 17, 2011 plur715 said:

**** bangs on my beats by dre, keep doin work french
1:09 PM December 17, 2011 plur715 said:

signed with ross wtf???nigga you kiddin rigttt **** in the *** niga why would french wanna sign with some ex CO lookin *** niga french went with didy to make that cake real talk
1:55 AM December 12, 2011 tbow911 said:

nigga say Max B wack!!! lmaoo....nigga go listen to pop
3:25 AM December 11, 2011 bgaddis420 said:

Max B is wack.. So High feat. Curren$y **** gose hard new york minute go hard break a ***** down go hard this **** dose not haaahahah wtf
3:21 AM December 11, 2011 bgaddis420 said:

Come on French u can go harder than this WTF this **** sucks!!!!