Play Cloths 2011 Holiday Mixtape

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2:58 PM January 21, 2012 KILLYUNDYURHYPEMAN said:

Fat trel goes in on everything LOOKIN OUT FOR DC
10:37 PM January 18, 2012 gormanbooker said:

y is this even a mixtape...its not mixed its pusha going in on a couple of beats...and some other dudes u cant hold a candle to malice
5:21 PM January 7, 2012 k3ytolife said:

Play CLothes Clothing company Wack . But fks with Pusha T
4:13 PM January 1, 2012 LoudConcepts said:

pusha needa stop rappin bout drugs he never sold
2:49 AM December 24, 2011 kingkillakam5 via Mobile:

Pesos freestyle goes in
1:15 AM December 17, 2011 wonderkidd214 said:

jus seen pusha by lenox in phipps plaza nt to lng ago
1:14 AM December 17, 2011 wonderkidd214 said:

yea he spell it like dat on purpose
1:04 PM December 14, 2011 AskYaGirlBoutMe said:

On the clipse cd until the casket drops they have a song called champion where malice says "rocking play cloths, everyday is a cat walk" so what are you talking about