I Am Alabama (Hosted By Yelawolf)

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5:12 PM July 26, 2014 Greenman96 said:

Yelawolf I one the best Rappers I ever heard representing the South
8:40 AM November 25, 2012 twandon23 via Mobile:

I Love College song is fyre
8:03 AM September 11, 2012 hurtman420 said:

yelawolf hard as **** homie just the words he be puttin together
11:31 PM August 14, 2012 Wesac_Wingo said:

7:30 PM June 18, 2012 shaqamane said:

**** dey dont have no bmb or ynbm niggas on here 251 nigga in here
10:06 AM May 31, 2012 calhountubbs22 said:

Shout out to my whole state my boy don prez putting on I c ya KD murc camp putting on for the city 205 b'ham yall put me on a skit
9:14 AM May 20, 2012 Adanlee1997 said:

People HAtin o Him Cuz hes white
11:15 AM May 2, 2012 slackerr said:

yelawolf is horrible why would anyone sign this dude hes a joke