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6:44 PM December 19, 2012 zoboful said:

Dude c spitting only listened to a few he aight
12:13 AM February 2, 2012 deathxx_412 said:

she dont kno how much dat burns da fact now she sleep with her back turn lmao denzil a beast nd that video need to be on bet
12:16 PM January 9, 2012 liivewit2eyez said:

dope **** & ya story tellin is beast good ****.. love how u put on for ya city BX STAND UP!!!!!!
1:58 AM January 5, 2012 callensr79 said:

He go in on dat Kanye dats hip hop you herre me
5:13 PM December 30, 2011 plykhalid said:

straight up one o the hotttest ne lyricist out look forward to his new ish and if yall hating on him he on the radio doing his own thing the views on youtube speak volumes
11:41 PM December 23, 2011 INdica21 said:

nice tape, smooth delivery
12:08 AM December 18, 2011 kinqjames said:

that video was very real, & told a good *** story w/ a good *** message behind it
8:47 PM December 17, 2011 mrbLunT said:

if you say this **** wack, you either don't know none bout music or you're in the wrong category - you dumb mutha fukka. i don't care what you is and who you represent; this is real hip-hop.