Jon Connor - Season 2

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6:45 PM January 28, 2013 cheef1 said:

people who disliked this didnt listen farther then the 3rd song
2:04 PM August 29, 2012 bigpat101 said:

This what hip-hop was supposed to evolved into. Best underground artist I've ever heard period!
3:06 AM July 31, 2012 Clos19 via Mobile:

Rap needs this change for real dis **** go hard as ****
11:32 PM July 30, 2012 K34TON said:

Jon Connor is the original peoples rapper
9:04 PM July 19, 2012 btgletsgetit said:

I mess wit dude he be spittin
2:28 PM May 31, 2012 9inchesandproud said:

It amazes me wacka officer ricky gucci tyga etc all have thousands of votes and this at the moment has 110 how hip hop has changed
9:57 PM March 21, 2012 jlwwal said:

MI stand up Saginaw stand up my hometown & Flint stand up
4:54 PM February 22, 2012 airfleming said:

One of the murda mittens finest no doubt