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Still A Boss (Slim Thug)

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Uploaded 12/15/2011
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10:29 PM December 19, 2011 dee2145 said:

Reppin the h here at st.johns number 11
11:15 PM December 18, 2011 bassic via Mobile:

Htown*** not brown lol....predictive txt
11:15 PM December 18, 2011 bassic via Mobile:

Used to love Thugga but this ain't Brown smooth music...its bull****
8:00 PM December 18, 2011 crunkpopeye said:

i wish they were the entire song smh
7:35 PM December 18, 2011 Chromedivine said:

My Life Slim thug greatness
2:14 PM December 17, 2011 antoniorogers said:

Sthis mixtape can suck **** slim thug is tha best I think he should come out with a best album tha he has ever done represent Texas and go platinum and diamond ova ny nigga
12:21 PM December 17, 2011 hughheff4 said:

this is gay
11:38 AM December 16, 2011 wiser87 said:

Some of yall are so stupid! How can you not know the difference between a certified mixtape and some random dj trying to get on by mixing an artists' old ****! Either way Slim Thug is Still A Boss!!