Bolegg - Touchin' Basis

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9:37 AM April 13, 2012 moondacrook said:

When i clicked on this i thought it was da Bolegg fro tha DFW but it wasnt dissappointed i fux wit it **** da hate g matter of fact get at me so we can negotiate a feature
4:50 AM January 10, 2012 MRGOODIE2SHWZ said:

my nigga i been knowin u since 98 and i kno u a real nigga and it aint many of those around nomo i fukkz wit ya my nigga all day err day zone 6 east side decatur fukk a hater.....G.M.E. n da buildin
6:57 PM December 25, 2011 skinnyholiday said:

ea zone 6 in dis *****...slamm im fukin witcha..dis **** ride decatur all D.
10:07 PM December 24, 2011 DaMusicManiac said:

I'm sorry,but this shyt is wack...i really don't understand why ppl are going on every mixtape telling folks to check this out,I'm not hating,but i was expecting better than this.
6:17 PM December 23, 2011 cece1987 said:

Let dem ducks talk and keep running dat check up on em'. U during big thangs and dnt stop my niggah. You ducks dat wonna hate!Real Talk!!!!! I fuk wit bruh CB
3:16 PM December 23, 2011 Ayo_There_Go_E said:

So if no one knew about it before it came to livemixtapes, it might as well be new, it must have been DEEP UNDERGROUD if i havent heard it, and listen to the bad sound quality, u know he had no help
3:12 PM December 23, 2011 Ayo_There_Go_E said:

quit with the ignorant comebacks. his mixtape may have came out in may but it came to livemixtapes on december 11, apparently no one knew about it before it came here or it woulda had more votes
2:22 PM December 23, 2011 Grand_Slamm_Twan said:

I play #4 for his hoe ***! 4real 4real--->listening now. gone ! ! !