The Kid Daytona - The Interlude 2

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10:37 PM October 15, 2012 breezy249 said:

Daytona been hot since back in the day when he opened up for Busta Rhymes shows.... fam is one of the most lyrical in the game.... NO DOUBT!!!!
8:19 PM February 2, 2012 boymills said:

dude can definitely spit no doubt bout dat n his songs r always perfectly structured but I jus don't agree wit his beat selection alot of da times!
2:11 AM January 31, 2012 davon_630 said:

the same dumb niggas sayin this is trash think Waka Flocka can rap ... dumb *** niggas, dont sleep on REAL hip-hop.. "goon music" is NOT real HIP-HOP lil brain niggas
11:30 AM January 22, 2012 piccon16 said:

g is very dope
8:34 PM January 5, 2012 twuand said:

9:11 PM December 24, 2011 wax241 said:

DOPE!!! Nuff said
1:20 AM December 23, 2011 sofakingill said:

6:18 PM December 21, 2011 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

Dunno WHATCHALL talmbout "this is garbage" bull****, this NICE nuthin less.