B Elz - Uncommon Wealth

DJs: DJ E.Sudd
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10:36 PM May 13, 2013 ncballer32002 via Mobile:

11:46 PM May 13, 2012 leeroy704 said:

saw Elz last week in the boro at the Yo Gotti show. real ****.
9:48 AM February 28, 2012 soowoop said:

Gboro stand up From da norff to da southhh
10:21 PM February 13, 2012 traywilson15 said:

I gotta show love to this guy dude spittin real ish.....Keep grindin
2:24 PM January 23, 2012 burrockmusic said:

Anyone come across the scrimmage line know what time it is! Hating is a form of *****assness! Workhard, try to perfect your craft.
12:33 AM January 23, 2012 dogman84 said:

Dmoneymixtape. Lmao stop hatein and you to charles103989. Y'all niggas funny. Made it a point to take time out y'all day to come on here and hate. ELZ keep doing ya thang.
12:12 AM January 23, 2012 dogman84 said:

7:06 PM January 17, 2012 RealistNiggaEver said:

On #9 he said don't compare him to his surroundings They are Not The same...... **** Da Haters Homie... Stay Focused 919/910/252 ****in wit u #salute