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9:52 AM August 16, 2012 johnslum413 said:

Avi we have niggas hating day by day its cool cause we gone shine regaurdless TheScholarz #HeyHey
3:26 PM February 1, 2012 Gwizard said:

This mixtape go hard as ****!
9:26 PM January 19, 2012 princessdior said:

11:11 AM January 12, 2012 djball216 said:

yea this mixtape is that heat shout out to the homie Dj Corey Grand n Aviaun My Homie yea Lets Go
11:23 PM January 11, 2012 DJCoreyGrand said:

5:55 PM January 11, 2012 Aviaunfan said:

MAN @CJ_312 , STFU this nigga hot, How tf u on his **** givin him views tawkin bout he wack ctfup!! No1 even knws u bum *** nigga ctfup he prolly fuked yo ***** u know him and u on his **** lol smdh
10:25 PM January 10, 2012 marmar4 said:

cj_312 **** YOU ,, comin from me ,,, millz
2:49 PM January 10, 2012 Thisizz said:

cj_312 u bugging out dude this **** is crazy!!!!!!! **** the haters Aviaun u killin em bro i support u, we listenin all the way from Cali