Burd & Keyz - Keyz Of Life

The wait is finally over. Enjoy this moment with us as we pay homage to our homie Durty Keyz. Thank you to all that helped make this album possible.

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7:22 AM March 30, 2012 CupcakePopTarts said:

1:52 PM January 17, 2012 mariodrobinson said:

I must say that this is a nice refreshing listen. I also checked out the website and fell in love with the story & memory. I wish you all many years of success. -8Robinsons-
1:40 PM January 17, 2012 mariodrobinson said:

Nice with it!
12:48 PM January 13, 2012 904drew said:

Cool Calm Love Making Music
7:19 AM January 13, 2012 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

Good ****, love those beats. Need more **** like this.