Lone Shaud - Who It Iz 3 (Place Yo Order)

DJs: T.Brewer
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8:48 PM August 25, 2012 gradyy said:

shaud I see yall lil nook .yall doing yall thang keep that **** up P.A all day long Mobile co. what it is
7:43 PM March 10, 2012 Shortyred1986 said:

Get wit it or get ran over Come wit it or calm down hoe Respect it or check it ***** Cuz keep doing yo thang Dese haters dont wanna see u shine
5:34 PM March 8, 2012 LjDaGreat said:

@jaykeia u **** ridein crew hopin, u lame dawg no life
5:33 PM February 21, 2012 LjDaGreat said:

i see ya kinfolk
12:48 AM January 19, 2012 jaykeia via Mobile:

Dis weak...same ol stuff I hear every other day!
9:55 PM January 18, 2012 Hellrell84 said:

place yo order nigga I fux wit it
7:28 PM January 18, 2012 spanklee12 said:

Shaud i see ya fool
11:40 AM January 18, 2012 mikencollege08 said: