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12:34 AM January 27, 2012 cno2828 said:

4:57 PM January 26, 2012 hamnturkey via Mobile:

Son nice! He not signed?! Sure sounds like he is keep making mixtapes like this @ he"ll be big 1 day..Brandon ****ing witcha whoa!
2:51 PM January 26, 2012 germancoco6 said:

i give this mixtape an E+ in my class. E+ on his report card #I SOLUTE YALL
1:28 PM January 26, 2012 IamAhater said:

dis **** goin in im ****in wit ya
1:24 PM January 26, 2012 YouDucks said:

dont know who this nigga is or where he is from but this nigga is going the **** innnnnnnnnn Solute to HoodRich/1017 dj Ace and Swamp and Pexclusive