Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

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9:59 PM April 4, 2012 BigDaddyDickson said:

I SMELL LIKE ***** AND COLOGNE!!!!!!!!!!
10:00 AM March 15, 2012 mercedTGOD said:

for some reason i can see this dude with the Shady fam.
3:08 PM March 4, 2012 treydiesel said:

i just got up on this dude by hearing ***** and cologne, good mixtape
4:31 PM February 28, 2012 shallowside93 said:

good tape emilio
6:18 PM February 9, 2012 SeeWade said:

this nigga should of been signed 585 stand up upstate NEWYORK ROC CITY
1:51 PM February 7, 2012 bootz616 said:

@dcraig understand what independent means, ignorant *** Emilio is unsigned therefore an independent artist.
2:27 AM February 4, 2012 17thFloor said:

this the first time i listened to a Rojas cd and im giving it 7/10 on my first listen
3:47 PM February 3, 2012 stisda0 said:

my nigga is doing his thing shout out to rochester on this one and green lantern