Rello - My Mixtape Better Than Ya Album

DJs: DJ Grady
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1:36 AM August 20, 2012 CVL555 said:

this should have been an album
10:55 PM April 15, 2012 ballinmiket said:

if you didnt know then u know now F.L.N
4:53 PM March 29, 2012 Sneekers82 said:

aye these fools out here better know that the DMV is here
3:20 PM March 2, 2012 tmoore924 said:

you already know this tape is on fire and gotta be heard by the world!! If you aint heard this then you dont know what your missing!!!!!
9:59 PM February 4, 2012 Heyyyymzparker said:

Def did ur thing gorgeous! This **** is FIRE! Hold down DMV boo!
8:52 PM January 30, 2012 deeto11 said:

i **** it
4:08 PM January 30, 2012 sootothawoop said:

Thats Lil Scrappy wit dreads
2:29 PM January 30, 2012 p55nwo said:

**** hot rell. Noah da don and Rell a good look.