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Lil B - White Flame

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Uploaded 02/01/2012
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2:00 PM December 3, 2017 RobertPitts23 via Mobile:

Straps on deck is fire 🔥
10:11 AM March 26, 2016 pat502dude said:

all you haters go to based world.
10:35 PM September 6, 2015 Marquis501 via Mobile:

He Payin Homage. Lil B Always Says He's The "RAWEST" Rapper. Hence The Give It To'em RAW Cover.
9:03 AM April 16, 2015 mikelove4block via Mobile:

3:02 PM February 20, 2014 big0352 via Mobile:

Mannnn!!!!!! Who the **** is this nigga think he is soulja slim lol he got life ****ed up this ****. Is too ****ty I'm kill in this nigga on this rap tip pine ridge fl went kill yourself
3:46 PM January 27, 2014 TheDopefied said:

Bruh y'all chill. BasedGod loves Magnolia Slim. He is paying homage and spreading the love. Based never hates. Yousupposedly based muhh****as better stop dissin slim too. Real ****
2:24 PM April 15, 2013 Sirdunnsalot via Mobile:

Lil b runs the rap game!!! Fact of the day take notes
2:58 PM January 25, 2013 DiAngelo1220 via Mobile:

**** u u r crazy as hell lil b could never **** with slim RIP 2 my nigga soulja