Chink DaBoi - Sex, Drugs And Cash

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1:33 AM March 17, 2012 bstunna187 said:

who made da cover
3:31 AM February 3, 2012 smokedowneyjr said:

REAL NIGGAS STILL ROCK FITTEDs FUUCK SNAP BACKS YO!!! iim sick and tired of mother****as sayin **** is cool or wearin it and all the sudden everybody wanna do that...just do you be urself man
3:29 AM February 3, 2012 smokedowneyjr said:

you should just retire unless u maad yung then u got time....but if ur like 28 or older u need 2 give up say time 2 retire n figure somethin else out or stick to hustle if u realy get it like u rap
3:27 AM February 3, 2012 smokedowneyjr said:

**** is almost annoying its so repetitive thats why niggas like drake with mad flows and singin is doin there thing talkin about real **** in the world not just guap drugs and ****in *****es fam damn
3:26 AM February 3, 2012 smokedowneyjr said:

this trash that first beat back 2 sum cash money million **** this music **** got to evolve not revolve ya smell me? the covers hot but thats only **** rappers talkin bout *** drugs money..OLD
9:15 PM February 2, 2012 skony74 said:

real talk this **** trash
5:59 PM February 2, 2012 neishaB said:

CHINK DABOiiii!!!! go hard bruh!
1:58 PM February 2, 2012 chinkdaboi said:

@shootie24 thanks for your comment. Appreciate it!