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DJs: DJ Far
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9:04 PM April 2, 2013 rericson said:

Horseshoe Gang and Dj Far make classics!!
3:57 PM February 28, 2012 shallowside93 said:

epic mixtape one of my favs mixtape this year this mixtape u got to listen to and
11:44 AM February 8, 2012 gundogg13b said:

C.O.B *****es!!!!!
10:40 PM February 3, 2012 morongosteve said:

5:01 PM February 3, 2012 matt1995 said:

11:10 AM February 3, 2012 marshknotts via Mobile:

I agree that these guys are as goodie not better than crooked and they as a fam are the best rappers in the whole game
3:35 PM February 2, 2012 dcraig1 said:

lil b on major but these niggaz on indy???
3:34 PM February 2, 2012 dcraig1 said:

y the fluck is this just on INDY???