D'Angelo Live

DJs: Sam Champ
Spotted At Okay Player
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3:10 PM February 17, 2018 swag4daze said:

The original mixtape from Okayplayer has 15 tracks. 2 are missing here:

12. One Mo' Gin
15. Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Please update this tape with the missing tracks. 'Untitled' is one of the best on this tape.
10:27 PM July 17, 2014 Affiliate2105 said:

8:39 PM February 14, 2012 lexacon via Mobile:

@markburr2211 my bad homie
8:37 PM February 14, 2012 lexacon via Mobile:

@MarkBurrr2111 can ya mom braid me I make sure she str8 no disrespect my G... N I ain't got no lil *** fro my **** official
7:00 PM February 9, 2012 k3ytolife said:

good tape
2:53 PM February 8, 2012 2gq4u2c said:

Now this is a must have in the collection. I have always enjoyed the rare live plays of our favorite artist. This is neo soul at its funky funky best!
7:19 AM February 8, 2012 soulkimchee said:

Ohhhh whta great find...ty okplayer
6:06 PM February 7, 2012 bholler said:

nice an smooth