Cali Cal - I.D.K.

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3:51 PM April 5, 2012 Lakaye said:

I got it again....I really like the compose of this music...
3:32 AM February 23, 2012 hisoneandonly34 said:

It's late as hell and ppl kept buggin me to listen but your sh** is pretty good. I admit I was sleeping on you. Been seeing promo about you everywhere. Keep it up. Rep for home. 850 in d building!!!!
3:30 AM February 23, 2012 sike13 said:

3:27 AM February 23, 2012 collard100 said:

Yoooo this nigga is NICE. Where have you been hiding??????!!!
3:11 AM February 23, 2012 carameldrop15 said:

That's right my bro cali blowin up. This right here is nice
12:48 AM February 23, 2012 LayLuciano said:

i love your song with siergio
9:14 PM February 19, 2012 ChoppaMonney said:

He's cute and I like his music!
1:07 PM February 16, 2012 Lakaye said:

Loving this Mixtape...I just voted...share comment and grab it....for Cali Cal...he is the best....Peace be lovers.....Kenyeta.....