Mr. Marcelo - The Big Homie

DJs: DJ 5150
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2:06 PM July 21, 2014 504KING504 said:

New Orleans Stand up!! Uptown!! Jetlife!! Holla!!!
2:39 AM February 10, 2012 macadon504 said:

Roll Up the best NEW song i heard from dis. Real niggaz still make good music yaherdme. Celo da ****
1:18 AM February 10, 2012 macadon504 said:

**** has changed but No Limits finna take over this year and these yung kidz bout to hear tha real
7:30 PM February 9, 2012 DolceBoca said:

*Voted Up* Great Lyrics, would have liked more original beats.
6:43 PM February 9, 2012 crunkpopeye said:

listen to "dime a dozen"
11:21 AM February 8, 2012 16breeze via Mobile:

I like number 3 (;
2:01 AM February 7, 2012 DJ6789 said:

Just came to see if he had a track wit his lil bro spitta on it, and he did and dat **** sound like the old "YM spitta." Prolly recorded that in like 05 or sum ****
2:00 AM February 7, 2012 Diversity said:

any real nigga that be on N.O. music know that Marcelo is Spitta's older bro.