Jon Connor - The Blue Album

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6:07 PM October 22, 2013 dewopa said:

michigan all day
10:54 AM August 28, 2013 AC_Pretty said:

jon connor, papoose, kendrick lamar, joell ortiz, freeway, joe budden, ect, etc, they will never go mainstream... they better stay underground lol they too live and sick
9:19 AM July 22, 2013 highflyer said:

jon connor sooooo unrated.. real rapper
2:27 PM May 31, 2012 9inchesandproud said:

It amazes me wacka officer ricky gucci tyga etc all have thousands of votes and this at the moment has 108 how hip hop has changed
9:17 AM March 14, 2012 blazeUraw said:

what rap pose to sound like... Buc-town Fli City fa life...
4:40 PM March 2, 2012 supak0789 said:

Support real ****! JC all day!
2:18 PM February 22, 2012 djhustla said:

Aye Yo Jon Connor, I Highly Salute U For This Mixtape And Your Sister Did A Damn Good Job On "Heartbreaker". U Got My Vote And Im Playing This In Montgomery Ala. Keep Up Tha Good Work Homie.
12:36 PM February 22, 2012 hustlers_ambition703 said:

good ****. wanna hear dude on his own production