Chase N Dough - Bitch I'm Dope 2 (Dope Effect)

DJs: DJ 864
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10:58 PM February 24, 2012 DaMusicManiac said:

This is nice.
12:41 AM February 24, 2012 Dassance said:

10:14 PM February 23, 2012 IllyPhillyPhil said:

This is tight
9:30 AM February 21, 2012 Ilovetony2 said:

Yea this FLyMiSs Dina...Just Dwn loaded it ..My Babes on his Sh.t #NoMattaWat ..yea His Name is Chase N Dough And His Occupation is Chase N Dough So Reguardless HE CHASE N DOUGH.!! GET IN TUNE STUPS
1:14 AM February 21, 2012 shancex said:

damn, way to go rippin off chase n. cashe name..smh no creativity im not even gon play your ****
1:00 AM February 21, 2012 156LZ said:


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12:57 AM February 21, 2012 CallMeLs said:

my bro chase n dough working, livemixtape gettin a fix of that ***** IM DOPE 2 #Salute and shout djhustlenomics inytapes and dj864 and you can Call Me L's ***** @Call_Me_Ls
12:55 AM February 21, 2012 musicIZme said:

my nigga **** is official being slammed in the new whip boi...(started at my crib crazy!!)

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