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Bei Maejor - Upscale

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Score: 955
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Uploaded 03/29/2012
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Thursday, March 29th @ Noon!

Follow @LiveMixtapes & @BeiMaejor!

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7:32 PM November 9, 2015 Sir_donald via Mobile:

Okayyyyyy decent!
7:48 PM March 17, 2013 moty14 said:

I Can't wait for is next mixtape still bumping all his mixtape.
1:52 PM March 12, 2013 ladygreen699 via Mobile:

I fux wit this💯
4:38 PM February 26, 2013 DaMusicManiac said:

This is his best one so far.
4:37 PM February 26, 2013 DaMusicManiac said:

This mixtape is too nice.I be playin it in the whip.I can just let it play from beginning to end w/o even skippin a track.Very refreshing.
6:01 AM January 15, 2013 Gubrud5 said:

Still bumpin this today, waitin for a new mixtape to drop. Spreadin it to the homies, keep up the good work bruh this **** goes hard.
1:41 AM December 19, 2012 youngbanga17 said:

Hell yea bei maejor dats my dog
1:07 AM October 15, 2012 ninjawolf27 said:

This has less substance than the last one but the quality is better, the productions good & his voice is still on point.