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Fresh Daily - The Brooklyn Good Guy

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Uploaded 03/09/2012


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Co-Production on "The Way It Is" by Benamin
Additional Vocals on "The Way It Is" by Isaac Teel & OHBO! NIYRE

Scratches on "Believe The Hype" & "Cool Thoughts" by Kurt Kryptonite

Executive Producer: Benamin

Recorded & Mixed at Converse Rubber Tracks

Recorded by Benamin
Additional recording by Leon Kelly
Mixed by Benamin & Atilla Ural
Mastered by Brad Worrell

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2:25 PM March 10, 2012 Cakalakijoe via Mobile:

Yall sum ignorant **** heads! Stickygreen prob milkin a cow now callin me farm boy! Tellin on ya self
10:01 AM March 10, 2012 stickygreenweeds via Mobile:

btw the tape is ill. good music
9:57 AM March 10, 2012 stickygreenweeds via Mobile:

@Cakalakijoe ny has had the best hip hop artists of all time ever since hip hop started. if u dont have respect for hip hop get the **** off the site! dumbass farmboy
9:30 AM March 10, 2012 BklynBoi666 said:

this nigga still talking **** hahaha
2:24 AM March 10, 2012 Cakalakijoe via Mobile:

@seanye94, what they suppose 2 b running? On LMt look like they jus runnin they fukin mouth. Prob rockin lime green jumpsuits tryin 2 draw attention, coa coa butter *** niggas
2:13 AM March 10, 2012 Cakalakijoe via Mobile:

My bad ! Dats y da world DON'T take NiGGers or Hiphop serious ! Yall need 2 quit smokin crack wid Dmx, gots 2 b geeked up fukin lames !
9:49 PM March 9, 2012 LeoBisson said:

good lyricly
8:28 PM March 9, 2012 seanye94 said:

i don't even live in NY and I know for a fact that they runnin it...every1 knows NY is runnin it...!!!