Super 7, Vol. 5

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mixtape back cover

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2:56 AM August 4, 2012 datzrein said:

THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!! Dayum soo good to my soul!
11:39 AM April 1, 2012 jfresh612 said:

I'm a D.J. & I will put this in rotation in my sets & give mad props !!!
11:16 PM March 31, 2012 brownman1972 said:

What ever happened to the DJ?!?! Mixing, cutting and scratching at its best!!! Much Respect!!!
3:40 PM March 23, 2012 gaddisiah said:

10:08 AM March 15, 2012 scboi said:

Great mix Jazzy Jeff gettin it in
7:32 AM March 10, 2012 cedricksmith said:

THE PINNACLE OF DJ's!!! Stanton, Technic and Serato owes this dude majority shares of their biz. Best DJ ever. Keep giving the world your blessing Jazzy, thx brotha!
9:37 PM March 9, 2012 wambito via Mobile:

Every DJ did there thing I'm a producer so I guess that's why I'm so stuck on this mixtape. I'm 26 but I love old school
8:18 PM March 8, 2012 sweetkixx said:

OOOH WEEE! DJ nirvana right here. Somethin 4 errybody. Vajra-all over the map/planet from Guns & Roses 2Jackson 5 2Dead Prez 2Rick James. ILL! Download & rock on repeat 4weeks.GOOD LOOK Jayceeoh!