Featured INDY Re-Release

The self-titled debut EP from iNDEED, the first act from DJ Burn One's Five Points Music group. The group consists of Ricky Fontaine and Walt Live.

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3:28 PM August 14, 2015 guccimerica via Mobile:

Whoever say this **** weak must have a bullet in the head, you smoke to this, invite bad *****es over and blow they mind to this kinda musuc
3:47 AM September 14, 2013 reality777 said:

Way better than that swag fag Lil Gayne.
8:29 PM April 21, 2012 JBoneThickness said:

2:52 PM April 6, 2012 OneDirtyKing said:

This is Bad
12:28 AM March 16, 2012 arkitek1919 said:

W T F I T S...Wat Th e **** Is This ****...aaaagggghhhhh!!!
10:48 PM March 9, 2012 JGOONMP4 said:

This **** is Firee he gives off that Asap Rocky Flo
10:17 PM March 9, 2012 bgaddis420 said:

#1 go hard
8:06 PM March 9, 2012 acura1 via Mobile:

All seve songs are tuff just smoke a blunt and chill to this **** Indeed lol ☺