Rain - The Magic Hour 3

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10:59 AM May 10, 2012 frenchmontanas said:

too skill playa good music
6:07 PM March 29, 2012 amane88 said:

I first heard about dude on the first magic hour mixtape.
That "My Story, My Glory" Beat go's hard.
11:04 AM March 21, 2012 WolfBoy said:

dude is raw rain good music
12:44 PM March 20, 2012 5Focus said:

Yo google Rain910, dude has been going in with major cats for years, MTV,BET you name it Rain be on it, an done it. This ninja should have had a deal 2 years ago
6:30 PM March 13, 2012 Lakaye said:

One of a kind...nice!
1:17 AM March 13, 2012 Zerix said:

damn Brian u way off son, go catch up wit ur studies nigga, RAIN go hard, ya'll gotta peep his first two tapes
11:47 PM March 12, 2012 BrianOneal18 said:

who this pose ta be another pimp c