Scotty - In The Meantime

DJs: DJ S.R.
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2:49 AM February 6, 2014 t_r_j said:

Cool tape
8:31 PM November 13, 2013 cokainstilettos said:

Another Classic for the homie.....
11:16 AM June 4, 2013 dre_713 said:

Appreciate it!
2:17 PM May 1, 2013 bustmusicinyaear said:

came to check out f.a.i.t.h and went to check this out after both of Dope
12:36 AM April 11, 2012 twadling said:

don't sleep on scotty dude be makin some snappin music with nice lyrics
3:09 PM March 31, 2012 dont_know62 said:

just lookin for this nigga a coupla days ago right on time homie glad i put my niggaz down cuz they kne this was out befo me. Real ridin music big boi ****
9:50 PM March 29, 2012 ChandlerBoi said:

Im jux now noticing dis... Dat Summer Dreams was bumpin. gotta check dis out
9:28 PM March 25, 2012 mastamindatl said:

Ea **** . We rockin witcha ova hea on flat shoal foo