Deuce Komradz - Rolling Strong

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12:48 AM October 4, 2012 Juiceman16 said:

bruh im ****ing wit this ****! Glad these niggaz back to making music, i missed hwaring they ****! #Gumptown stand up! #Salute from the nawf!
9:32 PM August 1, 2012 libra1980 said:

gumptown stand up
5:10 PM July 15, 2012 tristan95 said:

wuz at dese niqqaz concert lassnite n dey went off
10:36 PM June 21, 2012 lbjb706 said:

2:55 AM April 24, 2012 Al_ said:

10:22 PM April 4, 2012 chevymane205 said:

it just aint the same without shawt from the south. SHAWT AND BRUH WAS DEUCE. Yall need to drop a album version of this mixtape with no djs.
10:18 PM April 4, 2012 chevymane205 said:

I expected alot more as far as a deuce komradz come back cd goes. This mixtape is okay but it could have been much better. The djs really did ruin this mixtape with all the stupid drops.
12:58 PM March 30, 2012 sirklymaxx said:

Da Crest up in here, it's our time