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Lil B - #1 Bitch

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Uploaded 03/31/2012
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10:55 PM May 29, 2014 ckilla97 via Mobile:

This is a very divine piece of work given to us by the based god. If anyone thinks otherwise the task force will have their head by the morning #protectlilbatallcosts
7:34 AM January 5, 2014 Bossaveli_DaDon said:

Dude don't never have any features on his mixtapes dam it's always just him
5:19 PM November 3, 2013 tommygun911 via Mobile:

Lilhurns15 blood don't make me catch a body !! Don't disrepect the BasedGod !! Or I'ma knock a nigga down
10:22 PM September 29, 2013 lilhurns15 said:

this nigga garbage
2:30 PM September 25, 2013 getgwopent said:

i had 2 hear lil B n @trill u right he da truth speak his mind **** how u haters 4 yall gay
10:51 PM August 24, 2013 Skinnii17 said:

@TonyStreet, No lame *** nigga stop riding joeys ****.
5:18 PM June 25, 2013 TonyStreet via Mobile:

This nigga made a whole song about eating ***. I feel sorry for all u gay *** task force niggas that follow him. Thats y Joey Bada$$ killed this bum *** nigga. #Don'tQuitYaDayJob
4:41 PM June 11, 2013 gabrielg123 said:

@talabankrazy lil b isnt mainstream music homie we don't listen to that brainwashing ****.