Ice Burgandy - Progress Involves Risks Unfortunately

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3:58 AM February 1, 2019 marshall_72 via iOS App:

2019 nd this still one of my all time fav mixtapes.. Ice Burgandy went in on this fasho
12:46 AM September 13, 2014 LexusL said:

Purps is the most underrated producer out there. He killed this tape..
5:32 PM June 24, 2013 lilprok via Mobile:

Right side hanging ... Flamed up bangin MOB PIRU 1700 block I.M.G
5:15 PM June 24, 2013 lilprok via Mobile:

This shut crack
10:16 AM April 22, 2013 blknyllw2010 via Mobile:

Wen u droppin sum new fire im still on that NORTHSIDE!!! INGLEWOOD DEM CALI NIGGAS ALWAYS GO IN
9:07 PM April 7, 2013 3izzl3 via Mobile:

Chill will & Ice B a good match outta da squad far as underdawgs cant wait 2 ICE NEXT TAPE
10:46 PM October 20, 2012 Kristianinicole via Mobile:

I love this nigga
1:44 AM October 19, 2012 ifgbws94 said:

this ***** *** nigfh didn't even show up to rose mo's grave site...**** this nigfh i'm not will this sucker, and you call your self a BL94D....**** YOU !!!!