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Slum Village - The Dirty Slums

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Uploaded 03/28/2012
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9:23 PM April 29, 2012 tdaltonm said:

2:07 PM April 17, 2012 JulzRK22 said:

J Dilla R.I.P
2:06 PM April 17, 2012 JulzRK22 said:

Slum village one word MY MUTHA ****IN NIGGAS! and im from new orleans lol
12:01 PM April 17, 2012 Finest42 said:

Best mixtape I've heard in a while.
2:51 AM April 6, 2012 Cheereo said:

sorry T3. If this is the evolution of Slum Village then Ya'll shouldn't have evolved. Better then 95% of radio still. (excluding underground). Not classic SV but still good.
2:44 AM April 6, 2012 Cheereo said:

Baatin and Dilla are gone, RIP, and Elzhi not in the group no more(was done wrong), so Slum Village is T3 and thats it? He should have just went with T3. SV was the group and the group is no more.
9:03 PM April 3, 2012 E_Down said:

I dig this mixtape. Yeah, some of the key people missing, but they kept it moving and these tracks/samples are niiiiice. Stop looking for what is already gone.
11:20 AM April 3, 2012 nba313 said:

im from the d and i gotta ****s with dis rip dilla