Starlito - Mental WARfare

Graduating High School Seniors:

To apply for the GRIND HARD Scholarship, send a typed essay (250 word minimum) detailing your dreams/long-term goals, along with a copy of your transcipt to

Grind Hard Attn: Scholarship Committee P.O. Box 281224 Nashville, N 37228

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10:12 AM October 9, 2018 milkandbass via Android App:

best evee
2:36 PM March 10, 2018 Poloposted via Android App:

to me the best rapper
11:45 PM December 18, 2016 JukeBoxakaComikKilla via Mobile:

Ion know wtf I'd do without music. Homage
12:10 PM June 27, 2016 dion901 via Mobile:

just popped down cant stand up
3:03 PM April 19, 2016 KillaMayne via Mobile:

2:33 PM January 3, 2016 quintin270 via Android App:

Lito's like my all time fav. Everyday music right here.
9:39 PM October 6, 2015 21Bigby21 via Mobile:

Best mixtape ever, this got me through some **** in my life
Real **** #Lito
2:27 AM September 6, 2015 gsidefolk via Mobile:

Had to come ge this

The download will start in seconds